Grey Gardens (1975)

She was the girl who had everything - Money, good looks and social position. her mother - a classic Bouvier beauty. Now they are living amongst the souvenirs of their lives. In Grey Gardens. This is their story. A love story. Sort of. Hailed as one of the oddest, most beautiful films ever.
Documentary • 94 minutes  7.7/10
Starring: Edith Bouvier Beale Brooks Hyers Norman Vincent Peale Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and others.
Released • September 27, 1975

An old mother and her middle-aged daughter, the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy, live their eccentric lives in a filthy, decaying mansion in East Hampton.

A.K.A. CA: The Beales of Grey Gardens  RU: Серые сады